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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My name is Will Marcouiller, founder and president of WMI Software Consulting Group.

This blog is to share my passions: entrepreneurship and information technologies (IT). Although I have other passions such as mini-mechanic and power-sports and may write about this sooner or later, I'll mainly focus on IT.

I called my blog "Agile Adventures" because of the adventures I went through when I got more and more acquainted with the Agile methodologies. So I shall use this blog as a learning diary where I'll be sharing my learning. Indeed you are invited to comment and to ask question about any topic. Together we may grow stronger in our knowledge by sharing on interesting ideas.

In my domain, I have a great interest in the Agile methodologies. I love the simplicity and the ease that Agile brings in the software development industry. Because IT has no authorities, certifications and private corporations gives you more credit than being a member of an engineering order. Sometimes, we have a hard time knowing what's good and what's not, always asking questions about best practices and looking for gurus such as Eric Lippert and Jon Skeet, Robert Martin, Ken Schwaber, just to name a few. Here, I want to share my own knowledge so that I may learn from the others who are willing to share theirs.

In my next post, I shall introduce myself accordingly to say where I am from and what drove me to start my own IT consulting business.

Thanks for your interest! I am convinced we will have a lot of fun together!

See you soon!

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